Episode #11 - Comic Books! W/ Comic Writer Chuck Dixon!

Joe, Ami, and Chuck talk about writing comic books, and superhero character development. In his legendary career Chuck has written Punisher, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and co-created the villain Bane. Chuck also gives advice about how to get into your creative space, and how to get your start in the comic industry. Then Ami and Joe give examples of really fun moments in comics, and ones that could've be funner.

Episode #9 - Cartoons! W/ Cartoon Writer/Producer, Rich Fogel!

We interview the cartoon writer and producer that wrote your entire childhood! Rich Fogel talks to us working on Batman Beyond, Justice League, Superman, Robocop, Muppet Babies, The Smurfs, the list goes on and on! We talk about what makes an engaging cartoon show, and how to get your start in the cartoon business as show creator. Ami and I then have a round of "Almost Fun" and "Certified Fun" where we talk about Mickey Mouse, Flip the Frog, Avatar and Korra!  

Episode #8 - Film Writing! w/ Film Writer, Dirk Blackman!

Joe, Ami and Dirk talk about film writing, pitching films, and trends in the movie industry, why they work and why they don't (sometimes). When then talk about the portrayal of women in film and tv. We also have a spirited round of "Certified Fun" and "Almost Fun" where we talk about what we loved, and what could have been better about Tomorrowland, Jupiter Ascending, Interstellar, and Aliens.