Frequently Asked Questions

+ Why Is Having A Fun Product, Important?

It seems obvious, and it is! I like to look at a quote from Randy Pausch, "Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun". The reason why most people voluntarily do things they normally wouldn't do, is because there is the promise of the product, event, or thing, being fun. Although it sounds like a vague notion, making something fun can not only be controlled, but is also crucial to the success of your product.

+ Will Having A "Fun" Product Help Me Retain Users?

Part of making a product "fun", is making them want to continue using that product, or want to experience that event again. This is essentially what retaining users is, a reason to come back for more. You want to give them a reason to come back again voluntarily, and like I said in the previous question, fun is the reason people do anything voluntarily.

+ Can "Fun" Be Defined?

Yes, it definitely can. I've used my "fun theory" through various entertainment disciplines including improvisation performances, video games I have released commercially, and interactive attractions I helped create, to name a few. I have also interviewed entertainment professionals from TV producers to Disney Imagineers, who have given similar insight, and whose experience and first hand accounts I have assimilated into my teachings of what makes something fun.

+ Can You Actually Teach How To Make Something Fun?

Yes. Because my teachings are not based off of any one entertainment discipline (but rather many), it can be applied to anything. Fun is universal, and I can teach it to anyone.

+ How can I contact you?

I am available for personal consultations on various FUNgineering projects including Virtual Reality experiences, Video Game Design, Board/Card Game Design, and product development (or you can just say "hi") at

+ What Educational Materials Are Offered By You?

I have articles written up that you can reference, a podcast, and an upcoming book. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for small, quick tidbits of wisdom.