My goal is to make clear to you, how to make a engaging and fun product. That doesn't come solely from telling you what to do, it comes from teaching you why it's done. I teach you to fish (long term value) and I give you the fish as well (deadline due tomorrow, value).

Story Development

The story serves to reveal the character. A readable and clear story can be a strong platform to show off your characters. Movies, TV, video games or any other form of media, we can together make your story readable, and engaging.

Creative Collaboration

Creatively working with a team can be the biggest challenge of your product. With my help we can get your group to be supportive, and able to make each other better, everyday.

Product Development

One of the biggest skills for a creative is how to actually produce a product. I can help you take your creative ideas into production.

Game Design

Have a great game that's just not there yet? Have a blank slate and have no clue where to start? Video Game, Board game or even LARP game, I can help make your game clear, engaging, and most importantly, fun!

Character Development

Characters are the biggest reason people watch or play anything. Characters that resonate with an audience is where a lot of the "fun" comes in. Together, we can create characters that resonate.

I am available for consultations and mentorships. No project to big or small, as long as it promises to be fun!

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